Natalia Botero is the CEO, Founder and Creative Director of Entregauas. Art and fashion have always been latent in her. She started to materialize this creative taste in proposals for costumes and works of art. She made garments and sold them in Manizales, her hometown, and she elaborated works of art to display them in various cities of the country.

The Entreaguas concept was born while she was in the third semester of Fashion Design.

The official brand of Entreaguas was born in 2013. The values of the crafted are transformed by a sophisticated style and an art sensitivity, where effortless elegance and harmony with nature prevail.

The wearable art does not come alive without the intervention of beautiful and inspiring hands of mothers head of the family. We create work opportunities and transform projects of life through art and passion for work. Between knots and embroidery, we support the construction of their dreams.



Once a dream today a reality.

We are convinced that when there is a social commitment, everything makes more sense, and learning and growth comes when you share it with those around you.

17 people and about 38 hours is what it takes to create a piece of Entreaguas.

All our clothes are works of art thanks to them, our authenticity is transformed with their smiles and hearts.