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Entreaguas Story

 Creating takes time...

We are a story worth telling. When authenticity comes to life, ENTREAGUAS is born. The values of the crafted are transformed by a sophisticated style and an art sensitivity, where effortless elegance and harmony with nature previal.  ART, fashion and design have always been alive in Natalia Botero, since she was 10 years old she developed fashion garments and artworks, witch she sold in different cities in Colombia, actually ENTREAGUAS is in more than 12 countries around the world. 


ENTREAGUAS purpose is to deliver sophistication through every handmade detail, our lines include swimwear, active wear, cover ups, trunks, accessories and lifestyle.

Every ENTREAGUAS has been carefully hand-dyed in-house recycling the water and using eco-friendly pigments, we do LOVE our planet. 

ENTREAGUAS is ART, Wearable ART. All our lines have a unique mix of sophisticated silhouettes, hand dyed colors and amazing handmade textures that define our philosophy.  We are Colombian and we are proud of that, ENTREAGUAS is part of Colombia's magical realism. Our designs are born from our most inner ancient traditions such as weaving, which we have developed and upgraded to a top-end, contemporary art level.  Our attention to the detail turns out in a piece of art.

Ever since our first breath we are surrounded by water, inside the womb and when we are born, 70% of ourbody is water. This source of life is filled with energy. It is refreshing. Water exist in every state: It is the element of creation. It is life.




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