Oaxaca 6

$125 USD
  • Oaxaca Sunset

Long One Piece Kaftan Overswim. Great to use as a cover-up and complement to other exterior looks. It will make you feel unique 24/7.

One size.

Garment Care:

Wash by hand.

Wash with mild soaps, and do not contain chlorine.

Do not twist.

Do not iron.

Dry in the shade.

Do not pull tissues more than strictly necessary.

Do not rub against rough surfaces.

Wash, dry and pack the cups separately.

Additional Notes: 

“Each garment of Entreaguas is unique due to the artesanal process of it´s elaboration, for this reason some details of the hand dye, embroidery and macrame can have variations regarding the photography, but not affecting the quality and design of the silhouette”.

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