The shipping.

As the general rule, the deliveries would take time on the following 5 business days after the order was made and the payment was confirm, all through DHL or FEDEX with the number of the order, without signature.
If you rather to have the certificate, you could also ask for it, but it has an extra cost over the total.
You may contact us if you want that second choice.
But whatever it is the shipping method you choose, we'll give you a link to track your order online.

The shipping expenses include the manipulation expenses, the packaging and the postal expenses. It's important for you to know, that the manipulation expenses won't change, while the other ones which mean the shipping, might change according to the weight of the package.

We recomend you to get one big order, intead of many little ones, that way you won't wait long to have full colors of wearable art right into your wardrobe.

We can't mix orders that have been made sepparetly , and the expenses would also be apply separetly, and we won't be responsable for the possible damages that the package might suffer after it have been sent, but we can guarantee to you, that we'll put our soul and best effort to protect your fragile or delicate pieces of art. Don't worry, boxes are pretty big, the art you just purchade would be protected.

Also... You need to know a few other things:

  • Yes we do have free worldwide shipping! But only for purchases over $200 USD
  • Don't worry, if your order isn't that large... The shipping is $9 USD
  • For COLOMBIA... The free shipping is for purchases over $220.000 COP
  • Hey COLOMBIA, keep calm if your order is smaller, the shipping is $8.000 COP


Entreaguas team.

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