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The Hands Unseen

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We’ve told you that Entreaguas is the story behind the hands unseen, the ones who tied tradition through knots that make weareable art. But this time we want you to present one of the main characters: Adriana María Macías Galeano, a 47 year old paisa* that with the left overs of cloth that her grandmother gave her, she discover the treasure of making knots with her hands, an artisan technique called macramé.
Adriana is one of the womens that makes part of Entreaguas Fundation, and as if this were a “dear diary”, today she tell us a little bit about her story.
*Paisa: slang term for people who was born in Medellín, Colombia.
A dream come true: see my kids became professionals.
A dream to accomplish: Give job to many people.
A passion: the handmade art.
A skill: create art.
A daily gift: life.
A Challenge: support my kids to have their own business.
A proverb: More knows the devil for being old than for being the devil.
A lesson to give to the world: to create is necessary to love what you do.
Something you wouldn’t change: to be honest.
The best of Entreaguas: the value of the artisans.

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