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Reasons why you will love light gray

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5 reasons to celebrate Mother's Day with this color
 They say that neither much nor little, nor white nor black; But average points or range of grays. This last one, is a scale of colors that communicates with the floor of the stability and the sophistication, a fine and exquisite gray inspired in Entreaguas Mom. So, we give you 5 reasons why you are going to love the light gray you will see your mother identified in it:

1.Gray is a symbol of security and wisdom.

The sunlight highlights the gray color. That's why gray cars are the ones with the least accidents.

Gray is practicality because it neutralizes, tints or exalts the color with which you accompany it

4.For those mothers who are both mother and father, gray is not a feminine color, but not masculine.

5.Conveys serenity and elegance without any further effort

So if you are thinking what to give your mother, a light gray garment will highlight all those qualities that make it a Mom Interliner.

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