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About Earth Day and our Limited Edition tribute

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When you write in Google "Salinas de Manaure, La Guajira" you find a lot of industrial photos in which machinery intervenes with the landscape of salt; A description of wikipedia where the information is only geographical and demographic, because it is the place where the most important maritime salts of the country are.

Suddenly, a photograph called "magenta color" of the happy walker user appears on Trip Advisor, some other blogger refers to how the rosy flamingos overlays the clear blue sky of the Colombian Guajira and others, to recreate the moment " In which the shovels begin to break the mountains of salt before the sun rises. "

Now, it begins to resemble the place that owns our Limited Edition 2017-1; Portraits in which the sun meets the salt and generates reflections on the water at different times of the day. A light at the end of 63 kilometers away from Riohacha, with a landscape of 4,200 hectares of enjoyment.       


Again, nature producing photogenic landscapes with no greater effort than we can grasp, caress or carry in our pocket ... but it occurred to us that we could use, put, to wear. And about Earth Day, we decided to dress our Instagram feed with a color that reminds us of the land we stepped on, that saw us born, where planted roots and then let us flow Entreaguas.

Happy day: our land, pacha mama. We inhabit you, we admire you, we need you, we materialize you.



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