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A conversation with the designer….

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Natalia reveled us the secrets of the 2018 Collection

After much anticipation, last Friday we officially launched our 2018 Collection in our online store and in the Medellin and Cartagena stores (in Colombia).
We spoke with our designer Natalia Botero Toro so she could personally tell us what does the Wearable Art universe has for us this year.

¿What is this collection to you?

This is a very mature collection as every line in it has a big difference with previous ones, it´s a great evolution and probing of new materials, silhouettes and colors.
Tell us a little bit more about the lines
Entreaguas was born with the line Immersion which, since the beginning has been inspired in the colors of an ocean immersion, it’s a visibly more classic line (without losing the essence of the brand), that provides more security due to the support given by the double fabric and very cautious cleavages, so women of any age or that practice aquatic sports feel sophisticated and comfortable at the same time.
Over time, other lines were born, like Infinity, the free spirit of the family. Infinity is a plunging neckline, a high leg, fabric draped on the body and for this collection we wanted to add a handcrafted detail that, personally drives me crazy, and is handmade embroidery… and you won’t believe the value and nostalgia (in a good sense) that is added to the garments, because it takes hours and hours of work from beautiful women lead by Miss Rosalba, a grandma with magical hands. Each embroidery is inspired by the earth´s crevasses.
Then came Limited Edition, a line that is very dear to my heart because they are photos printed from some place of my native country, Colombia. The first collection of this line was Salinas de Manaure in which we took a piece of La Guajira to many places of the world; now we are transporting our customers with every garment to the Colombian Amazon, not only through photography but also through macramé, with which we seeked to recreate iconic plants of the region.

Later it came Movement, that as a fun fact, it was previously called Yoga (laughs) but we later understood that it was all about movement as an expression, so we didn´t want to limit the line to only this specific practice.

To conclude, we want to feel ourselves part of this collection, tell us some secrets.
Of course that every person that feels and vibes with Entreaguas is part of the brand´s life and I love this kind of secrets that fill the garments with life.

I could tell you, for example, that the Juluis bikini was named after a representative in the Caribbean that is very dear to our hearts, he insisted (and even travelled to Colombia several times) that we had a less timid bikini. We absolutely loved the result and hope women discover the sensuality and femininity that this bathing suit provides.
On the other hand, I want to tell you the that the photographer of this Limited Edition collection is my dad. Him, Ricardo, as well as my mom, Adriana, are people that have a talent worth admiring, and although I am not their biological daughter, I am sure I inherited their sensibility for art.

Nati (as everyone calls you), we know that our Wearableart Collectors want to know more about the behind the scenes, from you and your story…. Where can you share this with us?
(laughs) In my personal Instagram account @nataliaboterot I always showcase everything that is behind this creation that is actually my life and my wearable art.

(this interview was made by the Communications and Marketing team of Entreaguas who saw each and every line grow as well as every single person that is a part of the brand)

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