[Light Gray]

Balance and color richness


each piece has a difference to the other in the woven detail


Entreaguas is wearable art

Tenerife Runway

This is the story that is behind hands unseen, creating takes time; to weave the water of the sea and its movements, embedding the currents making waves that flow ENTREAGUAS; to borrow a sunset from the sky, to warm up the wind, stretch the clouds, stir the rain, so that the hues of blue, purple and red that play up there come down to the earth. The result is unique; timeless, to dress one self in art, searching for beauty, a natural way of life, with sophistication; inspiration is everywhere, in silence, in the forms of nature and in the cosmos, it is a dance of the senses, an exploration of new paths, ever so infinite, united to our past, to our roots. PLAY THE VIDEO

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